Dec 6, 2017

4 way split Matrak Attakk - Abominations All Over - Pink Rose - Grenzlinie

hey y'all, we're on this awesome comp , we have two new songs on it "dualistic reality" and "the choice is simple" so check it out if you want ..
Free download the 4 way split with Matrak Attakk , Abominations All Over , Pink Rose and Grenzlinie 

Apr 29, 2016

Emergency Attack compilation # 3

Hey guys, check out this awesome D.I.Y. comp we're on.
Fuck the capitalist mentality, download for free.
A collaborative project between klinik 66 and C.R.A.P.

Thnx to Lorenzo Magni for uploading our song on youtube.

Sep 25, 2015

New Release of Evil Punk Records - ABOMINATIONS ALL OVER & BEDA 'No Ordo Seclorum' Split /2015/

On September 23 and 23 release ...

ABOMINATIONS ALL OVER - a one man project/band ( punk /metal ) hailing from forced labor camp belgica...100%DIY
BEDA - Evil Raw Punk From Belarusian Bogs...100%DIY



Jul 6, 2015

Emergency Attack #2 - D.I.Y. punk compilation

We're on this awesome DIY punk compilation together with 20 other bands from all around the globe
  which is available as FREE DOWNLOAD so check it out if you want.  
"a collaborative project between KLINIK 66 and C.R.A.P. "

Dec 15, 2014


 thnx to Joe from I Love Mosh for adding us to their compilation which contains 71 bands from all around the world.
Free download: